Our first product, the Delta-T Wood Stove Generator™, is a thermoelectric generator for use on wood burning stoves. It harnesses the temperature differential between the hot flue gas in the stove pipe and the cooler air of the room to generate electricity whenever the stove is burning.


The Delta-T Wood Stove Generator™ is designed to replace the first section of stovepipe on a woodstove. It is a simple plug and play style device requiring only minimal maintenance. Operation is automatic once the device is installed. By placing thermoelectric generator modules in a position of maximum thermal differential within the device the generator efficiently makes power. In order to increase the temperature of the flue gas and thus the power output of the device an automatically damped catalytic converter is fitted in the generator below the heat sink. This smart catalytic converter, Smart CAT™, provides the added benefit of reducing wood consumption, lengthening burn times, and reducing stove emissions as it burns the wood smoke. By automatically diverting the flue gas into or around the catalytic element based on the temperature of the flue gas the

Smart CAT™ also eliminates the user error induced element failures previously associated with catalytic converters on wood stoves.



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